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Apashe - Work

Apashe - Work
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  • Длительность: 04:03
  • Качество: 320 kbs
  • Дата релиза: 17.04.2020

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Текст песни Apashe - Work

They say that you can see the devil dance
On Idle hands, so we put in work

Put the city on my shoulder blades and molded waves
Focused on devotion when it’s roads to pave
Kickin’ in the doors and we opened gates
For the years, blood, sweat, and tears that we overpaid!
When it’s no pain, it’s no glory
Legendary grind for the history
Come to to shut us down, you and what army?
We about to go live, make it loud for me
Through rain, sleet, hail, or snowflakes
Not a day off, when the payoff, was a rain drop in the lake
I done been lost, took a big cost, never been off of my game
Got a ape heart, I'mma go hard to the grave
Now lets work

The grind don’t stop
We giving it a hundred till the squad on top
We put in work
The grind never dies
We giving it a hundred till the whole team rise
We put in work

Ah huh
We put in work

Work, work, work, work (Come on)
Work, work, work, work

[Post-Hook: Vo Williams]
We put in work

[Bridge: Vo Williams]
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey

[Pre-Hook: Vo Williams]
Ah huh
We put in work

[Hook: Vo Williams]
Hey, hey, hey

[Post-Hook: Vo Williams]
Work, work, work, work
Work, work, work, work

Ain’t no killing this energy
Spill it from the spirit, them lyrics be hitting differently
Like 100 rhinos are riding on my arrival, we rising to get the victory
Turning dreams to memories
What you know about making mud into solid gold?
Hunger pains rumbling and still did it by the code
Ten toes, standing in the fire, and we never fold
I'mma come alive when it's on
Now watch me work
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